Over 1.5 Goals
Time League Match Tip Score
19:00 UCL Ludogorets VS Din. Minsk Over 1.5 2 : 0
19:00 UCL AEK Athens FC VS Inter Escaldes Over 1.5 4 : 3
10:25 AUSLIA Newcastle Jets VS Western United Over 1.5 4 : 1
Time League Match Tip
18:00 UEL Molde VS Silkeborg Over 1.5
19:30 UEL Ajax VS Vojvodina Over 1.5
17:00 ECL Q. Magpies VS FC Copenhagen Over 1.5
12:00 KAZ Okzhetpes VS Arys Over 1.5


Over 1.5 Goals Prediction And Tips

Betting Over 1.5 goals means you're predicting that there will be at least 2 goals scored in a soccer match. Learn how it works below:

Over 1.5 Goals Meaning and Calculation

Over 1.5 goals is a betting market where you are betting on the total number of goals scored in a game, combining both the home and away team goals. To calculate, you just need to add up the goals scored by both teams. If the total is 2 or more, your bet wins. If it's 1 or 0, your bet loses. Modern bookies usually settle bets as soon as the total reaches your prediction, rather than waiting for the game to end.

Example of Over 1.5 Goals

If a match ends with scores like 1-1, 2-0, or 0-2 – these are perfect scenarios for an over 1.5 goals bet to win. 

Take, for instance, a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, where Real scores 2 goals and Barcelona scores 1. The total goals are 3, making it a clear win for an over 1.5 goals bet.

What Does Away Over 1.5 Mean?

"Away over 1.5" refers to betting specifically on the away team scoring at least 2 goals in the match.

What is the Stat Over 1.5 Goals?

The over 1.5 goals stat indicates the percentage of games in a league where 2 or more goals are scored, providing insights for predictions.

Over and Under 1.5 Prediction

An over 1.5 prediction anticipates that the total goals scored will be 2 or more, while an under 1.5 prediction foresees fewer than 2 goals.

How to Predict Accurate Over/Under 1.5 Goals

Predicting over 1.5 goals involves analysis and intuition. Here are some strategies:

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